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For booking a show to your event : please send by email the details as : wich venue, the date, the time, the number of guess, the discipline you want ( solo aerial silk or solo aerial hoop, or duo silk  etc) and how long you would like the show ? Thank you.

Anouk Vallée-Charest


I would like to thanks all these wonderful people that helped me, supported me, inspired me…

Thanks Jacynthe Tremblay, Valerie Dean, Don Rider, Alain Veilleux, Marie-Claude Bouillon, Claudine Renaud, Marie-Gil Blanchette, Jézabel Ouellette, Hélène Marcaurelle, Julie Castonguay, Justine Éthier, Caroline Cloutier Fons, Régine Breyton, Deni Pelaez, Andréa Pelaez, Sébastien Robillard-Madore, Mundo Campa, Jasmine George, Iris Enschede, Jon Gulick, Catherine Joly, Guillaume Blais, Catherine Viens, Allen Perron, Kathy Mcguire, Marie-Josée Lévesque, Danielle Lenoble, Christophe Meunier, Chantal Nadeau, Guillaume Roy-Noisseau, Roger Hobden, Andréanne Joubert, Zoë Letendre, my familly of Vallee and Charest, and especially my inconditionnal supporters : Gilles Bélanger, my brother Alexis Vallée-Charest , my dad Daniel Charest and my mother Claire Vallée.