Yoga Classes

Hi everyone,

Here is my page for the circus classes and yoga that I teach.

Anouk teaches circus and cardio classes since 20 years. Her passion for yoga since Circus school (in 2000) brought her to dive more deep into her practice and to learn. In march 2023, she went to India to do her Yoga formation at Khasmir Shaivism Yoga School (TTC 200H) . She tought fews classes in Inde and she is now  teaching in Montréal in differents places and everyweek in Mile -End (160 rue St-Viateur).

Contact me for more details :

Yoga Vinyasa: every monday 18h15 Mile-end. Invitation to connect with yourself, stretch, strengthen, move at your own pace, and feel great! Self care is important! All level are welcome!

Whrite me if you have question or get in touch See you soon!


Photo de Anouk Vallée-Charest.

Photo yoga anouk Taj M dancer pose avril 2023

Photo yoga 2 photo inde mars 2023 6802162751551747_n

Photo yoga Anouk assis inde

Photo yoga upside down inde 2023_n

Phoot yoga inde chine t en haut mars 2023