The park


The Park

The Park is a 1 hour show that merge circus, music, dance and theatre. The arriving is this joyful group of companion at the park transport us throught differents pieces as the apple act on a tree standing pole by Catherine, trial bike act by Jf, comic act with flying object by Romuald, manipulation hats act by Aude, a duo aerial hoop with Catherine and Anouk, a cyr wheel playing trombone at the same time by Aude, aerial silk solo by Anouk, manipulation cube by Jf and all this with live music.

Photo Catherine Mat numero-pomme-2014

Anouk Vallée-Charest

Photo Aude roue cyr trombone

* 4.1 Anouk Duo cerceau Jazz 2012 2-7953

Photo jf faber cube IMG_5959


Photo jeff faber velo trial plateforme








Photo.duo.cerceau hermosillo.mexiquemai2016