Tissu aérien

Aerial Silk Solo / Aerial Silk Duo

In 2001, Anouk discover for the time the aerial silk at l’École Nationale de cirque de Montréal and here’s the story begin. Since then, passionate she is, she created various shows and circus acts along the years. Let yourself dive into these magical universes.

Aerial silk duet ”Annetta et Gustave ” :

Vidéo duo tissu : Clickez ici / click here


” Annetta and  Gustave show ” :

Carried by the charm of the 30s, Annetta and Gustave sway its enchanted music. Inspired the black & white charm, you’ll witness their prowess in the sky. These 2 artists invite you to an encounter where living art is revived, like 2 aerial souls traveling through time. Disciplines: aerial fabric, aerial hoop, adagio duo and aerial loop fabric duo.

- Vidéo Duo Adagio Annetta and Gustave :


Clcik here for video Duo Adagio Annetta and Gustave