Battements de Cirque: le retour

The circus show «Battements de cirque : the coming back » is a production from Battements de Cirque by Anouk Vallée-Charest and co-directed by Jennifer Lecuyer. The desire behind this show is to gather people together, inspiring audience and to share a warm moment all together. After a pause, the 4 artists get back together on stage so happy to play again. Solo acts after solo acts, linked by ensemble choregraphy, the artists either in the air or on the ground, will amaze you by their talents, their poetry, their agility and their grace. You will be delight by this dynamic and refreshing circus show including jungling, chinese pole, hand balancing, cyr wheel, aerial silk, aerial hoop and more.

Have a great show!

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Full version video :

Video full show july 2023

Duration : about 55 min with 4 artists

Photo Bobby roue andrew miller 19 juil 2023 i-fMZNtVz-XL

Photo tissu anouk split 19 juillet 2023 i-ffttJKb-XL

Photo Becky hoola h andrew miller 19 juillet 2023

Photo cerceau anouk retouche battement de cirq tohu 20 sept 2020

Photo Battements de cirque intro tohu 12 sept 2020 DSC_10-0018


P.s Show in social distancing :

Rider :

Fiche technique spectacle Battements de Cirque 2020 Anouk Vc

Crédits :

Mise en scène : Jennifer Lecuyer et Anouk Vallée-Charest

Choreograph : Anouk Vallée-Charest

Lighting : Alexandre Bergeron

Costumes : Anouk Vallée-Charest et Anomale couture

Photos : Hervé Leblay and Alexandre Galliez