Show Waves


Waves is the new creation of Anouk Vallée-Charest. This new show is an intimate and poetic solo of 50 minutes inspired by waves, resilience, reborn and weightlessness from under the water and nature forces. Supported by poetry, dance and 3 differents circus disciplines (aerial straps, aerial hoop and aerial silk), Anouk brings us into her universe where emotions, softness and humanity take place supported by saisissant images.

Duration :  50 min


Photo waves sangle cheveux andre 18 mars 2022

Photo waves cerceau herve 18 mars 2022 255

Photo waves fantome 2 dec 2021 DSC_6433_archive_res1500



Photo waves cerceau spin 25 janvier 2021

Photo verdun sangle assis 25 mars 2021 JFS_7268

Photo verdun sangle assis 25 mars 2021 JFS_7293

Crédits :

Conception éclairages : Stéphane Menigot

Co-mise en scène : Jennifer Lecuyer

Chorégraphie : Lucie Vignault et Jennifer Lecuyer

Costume : Anomale Couture

Photos : Jean-François Savaria

Rider :

Rider / Devis technique feb 2023